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A machine learning practitioner and researcher.
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In the coronavirus epidemic, many universities around the world stop teaching face to face. Here are few tips to make sure you learn from online lectures effectively.

Many institutions have suspended face-to-face instruction in these turbulent days, forcing students to attend online seminars. This can be very difficult for some students.

It might not be easy to manage your own studying and to make the most of online lectures and workshops, but here are several strategies for doing so. …

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The number of machine learning projects being launched is growing, and these projects will be facing difficulties in their implementation as well as their maintenance. The first move to close the gap includes looking at potential causes for failure.

Organizations are wisely capitalizing on machine learning by pursuing the growing tide of adoration for machine learning. Although more machine learning projects have been undertaken, many of them are failing. There is growing failures rate of machine learning projects and many small businesses decline to adopt them. We want to equip you with the reasons that ruin ML ventures. …

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Visualise standing at the check-out counter at the supermarket with a long line behind you and the cashier not-so-quietly announces that your card has been declined. At this moment, you probably aren’t thinking about the data science that determined your fate.

Although you are certain that you have funds to cover everything, the card still won’t accept the payment. After that, you step aside and allow the cashier to serve another customer, and you receive a notification or message from the bank that “Press 1 if you really tried to spend 500 on cheddar cheese”.

This moment is very embarrassing…

Coding can be hard, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot find a fun way to study. Learning to code at a young age gives inspiration and motivation for those who want to pursue a degree in Computer Science/IT field. With a huge amount of resource available throughout the internet, more and more people decided to learn code by themselves to land on their dream job such as mobile developer, website developer, software developer, or even becoming a researcher to solve an interesting problem. It might seem daunting at first if we did not know where to start or the…

Rom Uddamvathanak

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